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Don’t be fooled by our name, there’s no glass ceiling here. Our dedication to developing the next generation of Internet marketers means ample opportunity for advancement and growth. We provide an environment where employees fuse their skills, experience, and interests into a satisfying career.

Interested in joining our team? Check our current openings and read on to learn why you’ll love working at BlueGlass…

What Makes BlueGlass Employees Unique?

We pride ourselves on our diverse backgrounds and individual talents, but our commonalities intersect to form a shared vision.

The defining traits of a BlueGlasser:

  • We believe success depends on who you surround yourself with. We work hard to build real relationships with our clients and each other.
  • We embrace the challenge of staying ahead in an industry that’s constantly changing. We see these changes as opportunities, not obstacles.
  • We push ourselves to improve every day, with the ultimate goals of unprecedented service and results.

What Are the Perks of Working at BlueGlass?

When you join the BlueGlass family, you’re getting more than just a career: you’re investing in your future and wellness.

Employee benefits include:

  • 100% health insurance coverage (that’s right, free health insurance!)
  • 15 PTO days
  • 10 paid holidays
  • Starbucks coffee and fresh fruit
  • Lunch provided at our weekly ““Lunch N Learns”
  • And much more!

Join Our Team

The success of our company requires a team with tremendous talent. That’s where you come in. We’d love to hear from you if you’re passionate, innovative, and looking for a rewarding career. Take the first step and apply for one of our openings today.

Current Positions Available at BlueGlass

Front-End WordPress Developer Tampa, FL

We are looking for a kick-ass WordPress Developer to join the BlueGlass marketing team! If you’re awesome with WordPress development, can take designs and make them into fully functional and responsive pages AND have a great attitude -- we want to work with you.

Paid Media Manager San Diego, CA

We are looking for a passionate, creative and innovative Paid Media Manager who has a firm grasp of the PPC/SEM and entire online marketing landscape. The Paid Media Strategist is a key individual in the BlueGlass Strategy Development team and must have a love for collecting, analyzing and creating a story from extremely large data sets to create an actionable roadmap.

Organic Search Specialist London, England

We are looking for a passionate, creative and innovative Organic Search Strategist who has a firm grasp of the organic search and online marketing landscape within the UK.

Business Development Manager Los Angeles, CA

As a Business Development Manager at BlueGlass, you will work to execute data driven strategic approaches for BlueGlass prospects and clients, provide exceptional customer service, build and maintain a great relationship with our existing and potential clients, and utilize this information to identify their needs and to provide them with the best possible solutions.

Organic Search Strategist Los Angeles, CA

As an Organic Search Strategist for BlueGlass, you will analyze relevant project data and create a strong, integrated strategy to increase clients’ organic visibility and achieve business goals...

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“ The laid back atmosphere. Casual dress, listening to music, and not having rigid corporate rules make BlueGlass an amazing place to be. ”

Mary Baum - Event Coordinator

“ Being able to come into work every day without feeling like you are going to work on the same monotonous assignments.

Every day is different, every task is unique, and at the end of the day you feel refreshed and eager to conquer something new and exciting the next day. ”

Brittany Klontz Content Promotion Specialist

“ Everyone at BlueGlass is so motivated, it's impossible not to be inspired every single day. I love having the opportunity to learn from so many unique people with different skill sets.”

Shannon Byrne Marketing Coordinator