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Announcing the Acquisition of Quaturo and the Launch of BlueGlass UK

Announcing the Acquisition of Quaturo and the Launch of BlueGlass UK

Today, I’m excited to share the news that BlueGlass Interactive has acquired digital marketing agency Quaturo, and that Kevin Gibbons and the rest of his talented team will be joining us to form BlueGlass UK, with a principal office based in central London.

This expansion presents an incredible opportunity for BlueGlass, driven both by demand from our existing clientele–which includes many multinational corporations–and by repeated requests to BlueGlass for services, consulting, support, and advice from a wide array of UK-based corporations.

Over the past year, BlueGlass has witnessed a shift in market demand in the UK towards a requirement for more integrated online marketing approaches. These demands align closely to the services BlueGlass offers to its U.S. clients.  As a result, the timing for us to establish a local presence in the UK market couldn’t be more ideal.

The Why

The interactive marketing industry is growing exponentially in the United States. According to a 2011 Forrester study, by 2016, the U.S. interactive marketing spend will near $77 Billion and represent 35% of all advertising. This would partly explain the tremendous growth and success BlueGlass has seen over the last two years.

Notwithstanding those strong numbers, an October 2012 Econsultancy study revealed that a surprisingly small share of UK companies (only 38%) have any form of content marketing strategy in place, and a whopping 66% of UK companies do not have any budget allocated to content marketing at all! Additionally, more than 90% of the participants surveyed believe that content marketing will only become more important over the next 12 months. With 62% of UK companies missing huge marketing opportunities, demand will soon vastly outstrip supply, based on existing vendor capacity.

So why the market hesitation?

There is concern among companies in the UK that content marketers may be focusing on simplistic objectives rather than focusing on the bottom line. The common line of thinking is that content marketing is just an ““add-on” to SEO. However, the success BlueGlass has garnered with the strategic use of content marketing to support all online marketing channels has proved otherwise. We believe we have the right formula to tap this market opportunity.

Larger traditional marketing and advertising agencies are often slow-moving, and lack the ability to quickly adjust to constantly changing market dynamics. Smaller agencies often have trouble properly servicing large accounts or maintaining consistency and reliability. We combine the best of both types of agencies: we’re nimble and innovative, while offering the scalability and reliability necessary to take take on even the most challenging projects.

The How

Moving into the UK has long been a part of the BlueGlass plan. The timing was just a matter of finding the right agency, one that shared the same vision as ours. BlueGlass isn’t just entering the UK marketplace; we’re building BlueGlass UK as a British entity to serve the local and global marketplace. Our move into London was a strategic decision, and a natural fit for BlueGlass, and Quaturo was an ideal partner to start with.

Founded in June 2012, and based in London, Quaturo delivers content marketing and SEO services to a wide range of clients in the UK,  most notably Vistaprint, Wonga, UCAS, and Audley Travel. Led by Kevin Gibbons, the Quaturo team brings broad insight and a strong skillset to the BlueGlass family.

I first met Kevin a few years ago when I was speaking at an SES conference in London. While at conferences, I spend a lot of time listening to how people describe the local marketplace and their thoughts on changes and market directions. These discussion help me understand the local marketplace and the current local service offerings. I recall attending a social event at the SES conference, as well as a London SEO meetup, and listening to Kevin discuss the UK marketplace with very solid insights and a strong view as to future directions in the online marketplace.

These views aligned with ones we share as a company, and with events we were starting to witness in the U.S. Earlier this year, Kevin attended our BlueGlass LA event, and was introduced to the rest of the U.S. team. Subsequent discussions led us to where we are today.

What’s Next?

In the last year and a half, we’ve made a series of major changes, each and every one of which has made the company–and our offerings–a lot stronger. We have steadily built our technology and business, but most importantly, we have successfully built a team that yields unmatched results. And we continue to grow.

With offices in Florida, California, South America, Australia, and now the UK, we look forward to building a stronger presence overseas, offering tailored and innovative solutions to global brands, and changing the way interactive marketing is perceived and performed. As always, this newest endeavor is sure to be remarkable.

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  1. Ben says:

    Well, that was fast, congratulations, Kevin and team!

  2. Ned Wells says:

    Exciting news, congratulations to you all!

  3. Adam Humphreys says:

    Awesome! Kevin’s a great guy so you’ll definitely benefit from having him as part of your team.

  4. Mike Essex says:

    Congratulations to both Kev at Quaturo and the Blue Glass team.

    It’s great to see more people expanding the area of content marketing and the UK industry has certainly seen some major positive changes in the last few years. For example at Koozai we see Content Marketing as an integral part of any new campaign and that’s why the 66% of brands that don’t use it really are missing out.

    Does this mean a large scale BlueGlass UK conference isn’t far away? ;)

    • Thanks Mike! Kev is a great guy, and we’re excited to work with him, and the whole BlueGlass UK team!

  5. Dev Basu says:

    Smart move and a great acquisition. Kevin and his team are whip-smart and this is a brilliant acquisition for BlueGlass. Congratulations to all.

    • Paul MPN says:

      Congratulations to Kevin and his team. Smart move starting Quaturo and it’s focus toward a content marketing strategy over what exisiting SEO companies are offering

  6. Thanks for all the comments guys – it’s been a very good week!

    I did a write-up on why we joined BlueGlass too (http://uk.blueglass.com/blog/why-blueglass-uk/) – the hard work starts now :)