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How To Connect with These 6 Influential Bloggers

How To Connect with These 6 Influential Bloggers

Before approaching a blogger, it’s essential to understand why they blog in the first place.

In addition to the initial motivation for blogging, each blogger has unique motivations for publishing guest content. Pinpointing these reasons before reaching out will help your chances of establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with each blogger.

While everyone is different, bloggers within each niche have similar end goals in mind. I’ve put together descriptions of 6 types of bloggers worth getting to know and how you can approach and build a relationship with each.

Below are a few tips and tricks for getting to know and reaching out to bloggers within certain niches…

1. The Technophile

Who They Are

These bloggers dominate sites like Mashable, TechCrunch and The Verge. They make you wonder how they keep up with all of the new technology that gets shoved in our little consumer hands.

Perfecting Your Pitch

While reaching out to these bloggers, keep in mind they’re well aware of every piece of technology out there and do not need a drawn-out pitch explaining the content you’re presenting. They know every tech spec imaginable and they know what technology is ““hot” and what is ““not” so make sure you’re covering technology that’s timely. Thinking they will be willing to post something based on the visual aspect of the piece is not realistic.

In order to increase your chances of success with Technophiles, always provide content that allows them to stand out from other tech content being published.

For example, the Technophile probably won’t care for a linkbait article that details specifications on the latest tablet; everyone is writing about that. Instead, present content to the Technophile that discusses the tablet from a new, interesting angle such as how the tablet is creating a different type of shopper or even health problems relating to tablet use.

Lastly, before presenting your content to them, make sure they have not already written a horrible review about the piece of technology you’re referring to (this is super important!). The last thing you want is for the blogger come back to you with an article where he or she totally bashed the product you are discussing in your pitch.

Take Away

Read the Technophile’s past content to know what they love/hate and present them with an angle that has never been explored in the tech blogosphere. And don’t write your pitch in layman’s terms — this blogger is extremely knowledgeable about all things technology.

2. The Traffic Police

Who They Are

Traffic Police are most concerned with generating traffic to their site and know the potential virality of good content when they see it.  You’ll know you’ve come across the Traffic Police after they’ve featured an infographic of yours on their site and email you within the next 24 hours raving about how much traffic it has sent.

Perfecting Your Pitch

Yes, all bloggers want more traffic — what makes Traffic Police different from other bloggers is they’re more open to content that might be off-topic from their site. If the post will generate traffic, it is definitely a go.

When this happens, immediately start brainstorming for the next piece that you can offer them. To show you want to create content for them that will generate more traffic, always ask them what their audience wants to see.

As you’ve probably realized, this breed of blogger is hard to point out since everyone loves good traffic. But, once you come to realize that their main goal is increasing site traffic, you’ll feel like you’ve finally met your match.

 Take Away

Collaborate with Traffic Police to make content that will start a ““wildfire” in social sharing among their readers. Not only will this add to the chances of your piece being more viral and shareable, it will also make the process more hands on and strengthen your relationship.

3. The Green Evangelist

Who They Are

Sites like TreeHugger, Care2 and Grist are some of the most highly trafficked “green” sites on the Web, but that’s not what matters most to the bloggers behind the scenes of these top ranking sites. Their goal is to influence the masses to live a healthier, greener, more sustainable lifestyle.

Perfecting Your Pitch

With environmental conservation being one of the most pressing issues of our time, there are thousands of Green Evangelist bloggers out there. They are concerned individuals with something to say and blogging itself is its own reward. Understand that the Green Evangelist’s role is to alert people to environmental problems purely out of personal interest.

Don’t try to coax them with how much traffic your content has the possibility to provide, the key here is to present them with something that truly fits their blog’s mission.

Before reaching out to a Green Evangelist, review their articles carefully to get a better idea of where they stand on controversial subjects such as gas fracking and global warming. Also, the bloggers in this niche (as well as the people who read their work) are highly educated on environmental topics, so remember to thoroughly fact check your content.

Take Away

Don’t pitch these bloggers about the viral potential of your content. Instead, make sure you are pitching something that brings light to the issues they care about and will help educate their readers.

4. The News Breaker

Who They Are

As the Diane Sawyers of the online news broadcast, the News Breaker wants to be the first to report on the latest story out there. These bloggers can be found in all different niches (green, tech, business, any site).

Perfecting Your Pitch

The common factor between all News Breakers is their motivation to hunt down the latest news story and be the first to report on it. You can expect them to possess the following traits: curious, strong-willed, and ambitious. Knowing these key traits of News Breakers, you’re ready to tailor your pitch to their liking.

What I like most about these bloggers is that they’re quick to respond and eager to get content published as soon as possible. This means you will need to be quick on your feet, too, or risk losing their attention. Remember, the news world moves fast, and what’s news today might be stale tomorrow.

There are two keywords to use frequently when reaching out to these bloggers: ““free” and ““proprietary.” If you have proprietary data, say so! The fact that you have exclusive information to report on that isn’t already out there will get them to take notice.

Take Away

Be ready to respond quickly and have your content ready for publication — News Breakers will expect immediate next steps if they’re interested in your pitch. Point out to them that you are providing them with free, timely content, and there is no downside to this collaboration.

5. The Social Journalist

Who They Are

Social Journalists understand that engaging with their audience and being their own community manager makes them stand out as a thought leader. These bloggers play a social role within their niche and their intent for blogging is inextricably linked to engagement within online communities.

Perfecting Your Pitch

My motto when approaching a Social Journalist is a twist on the classic song made popular by Bonnie Raitt:  ““let’s give them something to tweet about.” I always approach them with content that will strike up a conversation within their community.

Approach them with content that allows the Social Journalist to end the post with an open-ended question that will encourage a meaningful answer from the reader using his or her own personal knowledge on the topic.

Social Journalists like content that leads the reader through a journey of discovery by taking a complex idea and presenting a new way to understand or think about information. Most importantly, it must provide the reader with an ““aha-moment” that entices commenting. Mashable does this frequently when they post an infographic and end with a question that asks the readers about their experience on the topic and encourages them to comment.

Take Away

Reach out to these bloggers with content that encourages engagement within their community. Whether it fits nicely into 140-characters or causes their comments section to explode, these bloggers want content that will get their followers talking.

6. The Digital Nomad

Who They Are

A Digital Nomad’s passion is traveling, gaining life experiences, and living to tell them. These bloggers are always on the move and might be difficult to reach immediately.

Perfecting Your Pitch

First, get to know the places they traveled to, where they plan to go next, and what their favorite trip has been so far. Then, start up a conversation with them by asking where they are at this very moment and how it compares to where they were yesterday.

These bloggers are globetrotters who really appreciate you listening to their stories. Get their attention by asking them to participate in the creation of your content by providing their feedback. Whether you’re creating content about the top beaches in Australia or the best travel gear, all Digital Nomads are eager to share their experiences and you’re giving them another way to do so.

It will often be obvious where in the world a Digital Nomad is at a given time, since they always want their readers to know what exciting place they’re visiting. Check if they have a calendar of upcoming travel dates. Reach out at times when they’ll be in the same place for more than a few days so you can be sure they have enough downtime to respond to you.

Different time zones, travel time, and lack of Internet access are a few communication obstacles you’ll need to overcome, but Digital Nomads are well worth the patience it takes to collaborate with them.

Take Away

As experts at telling their own travel stories, Digital Nomads appreciate any chance they get to personalize content. Work together to frame your content in a way that allows these bloggers to add in their own experience.


As content marketing grows, bloggers are receiving a massive influx of templated emails or press releases that are completely off-topic. Use the types outlined above to help you better understand what motivates different bloggers, but be aware this is by no means an all-encompassing list or shortcut for getting to know individual bloggers.

Do your homework and really get to know every blogger you want to pitch. Take the time to profile the person behind the blog and find out what he or she enjoys discussing, what they despise, and pinpont each blogger’s motivations. After all, the point is to build relationships, not contacts.

What have been your experiences with the bloggers listed above? Do you have any tips to share? Let us know in the comments below. 

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  1. Anthony Pensabene says:

    This was so well done and thought, I had to reply. It’s ironic how often marketers place unwavering attention on 0s, 1s, and engines, forgetting ideas, traffic, and communities are built by actual people. This is all fantastically practical info for brands in all verticals.

    • Brittany Klontz says:

      Thanks, Anthony! I totally agree! Too many marketers focus on cold pitching without realizing that the key to success is connecting with the community builders on a more personal level.

  2. Levi Wardell says:

    Great stuff Brittany,

    I think the most important line here is “Do your homework and really get to know every blogger you want to pitch”. Cold-call pitches are rarely accepted with open arms regardless of how much homework you do so taking the time to get to know them. Responding to their content in a variety of ways is really important and will help you chances 99% of the time.

    • Brittany Klontz says:

      Thanks for reading, Levi!

  3. Ben Spak says:

    Awesome share guys! I’m going to put this in my “read articles” spreadsheet for quick reference. I was going to turn a blog post like this out after speaking with Robert Scoble recently, looks like you beat me to the punch :)

    • Brittany Klontz says:

      Thank you for bookmarking the post, Ben. I’d love to hear what you learned from Robert Scoble!

  4. Great piece!
    This is some awesome advice for you to go out there and get your content where it needs to be. I will definitely be using some of these strategies to get my content in front of my future/potential customers.

    • Brittany Klontz says:

      Thank you! I’m happy to hear that you found the post resourceful.

  5. Brittany a well researched, organized and written post. I think it pretty much sums up the major type of bloggers. I agree that with Levi about the most important line being “do your homework”. Taking time to invest in building relationships will provide for a greater dividend than anything else.

    • Brittany Klontz says:

      Thanks, Stephen! As I get to know more bloggers within different verticals I definitely plan to create a “Part 2″ to this post. Stay tuned :)

  6. The News Breaker is an important blog for anyone who wants to get hold of news in a timely manner. It’s good to connect with this blog when you need to come up with posts about the latest news in the industry.

  7. Jean-Paul says:

    Some additional insight for your #3 green evangelist – as a personal pursuit, I created and still write actively for The Chic Ecologist (www.thechicecologist.com), and there is a definite desire for both the message and exposure. One thing one must be very aware of is Greenwashing, something the green industry (and readers/followers) despise to no end. Make sure whatever your content, that it is not masquerading as something it is not.

    • Brittany Klontz says:

      That is a great point , I’m so happy you brought this up! Thanks, Jean-Paul!

  8. Eric says:

    It is really a must to connect with influential bloggers with the same niche as you have when starting a blog. I think the only problem would be how to know who are the REAL influential ones and who are not. And upon identifying the real from the not so real, how would you convince them to connect with you.

  9. There are very few blogs that discuss just about anything. Most have a specific target audience and demographic and post content to suit their needs. It’s important to spend time researching and find bloggers that are actually interested in what you have to say. Simply reaching out to any influential blogger isn’t going to get results.

  10. Mary Page says:

    I like the emphasis on relationships because that is the heart of any business enterprise. Someone has a passion and put in the work to create a service or product for others to use. I like the recognition of the fact there are many different kinds of bloggers with different audiences and clients. That is why the Internet is such a wild, fun, interesting place. That is why Internet marketing is like riding a wild horse or wild cat. Some of us enjoy watching the show. Thanks for sharing your passions and great ideas.

  11. David says:

    Great stuff ..thanks for sharing !

  12. Amber King says:

    Agree that the point of social media is to build relationships. It is important who you are connected with online. Make sure that you build relationships with the right people.

  13. I love this. Great guide. Giving insights into each personality.

    The same approach does not work with everyone. So throw out those templates and really understand the person you are communicating with first!

  14. Hard page says:

    Cold-call pitches hardly did not get with open arms regardless of how much homework you do so taking the time to get to know them. I will definitely be using some of these strategies to get my content. Thanks!