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45 Ways to Create an Enchanting Blog that Inspires Your Audience to Buy

45 Ways to Create an Enchanting Blog that Inspires Your Audience to Buy

We’ve all been there.

You’re blogging, and blogging, and blogging. But sometimes you wonder…are your efforts paying off?

You see your traffic growing. But could you do more to benefit from your traffic? And turn blog visitors into buyers? Because that’s the Holy Grail, isn’t it?

It may sound difficult but it really isn’t. You’re about to learn how to captivate your audience and show you’re an authority, and then inspire your audience to buy.


Let’s start with creating content that enchants your audience.

How to be enchanting

  1. Understand your audience. And write about what interests them.
  2. Use stories. Because stories are engaging and memorable.
  3. Don’t waffle. Just cut the irrelevant facts, will you?
  4. Include visuals. Use original photography. Include infographics, cartoons, or infodoodles. Have you seen how Hugh McLeod’s animated cartoons make dry stuff fun?
  5. Try video or podcasting. Find out which format your target audience loves most.
  6. Educate. Avoid being a sleazy salesman. Teach and solve problems instead.
  7. Be passionate. And let your personality shine through.

(The ice-cream blog from Turkey Hill mixes recipes, fun videos and behind-the-scene posts with caption and comment competitions.)

How to become an engaging writer

Is your target audience paying attention to your writing?

Are you urging them to read on?

Follow these ten tactics to grab attention and keep your audience reading on. 

  1. Steal headline formulas. Others have tested what works, so why not snatch the best formulas?
  2. Don’t be clever. Instead, present a benefit in your headline. What will people learn from your content? How will you make them feel better?
  3. Write to one person. Nobody likes being addressed as part of a crowd. Even if you have a massive audience, write as though you’re writing to one person.
  4. Be human. Don’t sound like a company. Please avoid the gobbledygook.
  5. Use the word you. Because it’s the most powerful way to engage.
  6. Avoid the passive voice. You know active sentences are shorter and clearer, don’t you?
  7. Consider skimmers. Have short paragraphs. Employ bullet points. And don’t forget captions.
  8. Promote readability. Use simple words. Shorten your sentences. And increase your font size.
  9. Use power words. Trigger emotion with words like insanely, breathtaking, and kick-ass. But only use words that suit your tone of voice.
  10. Don’t blog for SEO only. A good keyword strategy helps people find your blog, but always put your readers first—not Google.

(The Mailchimp blog makes even a mathematical analysis fascinating — check out their tags, too!).)

How to build your authority

Why would people believe what you say?

You have to be credible. And build a reputation in your field.

Follow these 16 tips to become a trusted source of advice.

  1. Stand out. Be different. Have a mission. And don’t be afraid to have an opinion.
  2. Write less about your products. Because being self-focused damages your credibility.
  3. Be consistent. Turn up regularly and respect your tone of voice.
  4. Know your stuff. Let your best sales people share their knowledge and passion.
  5. Interview experts. It will raise your own profile, too.
  6. Avoid grammar goofs and typos. Because they make you look stupid.
  7. Don’t disappoint. Exceed expectations.
  8. Be humble. Because nobody trusts windbags.
  9. Create quality content. Be good. Focus on quality rather than quantity.
  10. Show results. Provide case studies to underline your track record.
  11. Be honest. Don’t ignore the not-so-good parts of your product or service.
  12. Include data. Because data can provide proof of your statements.
  13. Share social proof. You know it increases your credibility, don’t you?
  14. Use testimonials. And make sure they’re not too sugary.
  15. Develop ultimate guides. What better way to show you’re an authority in your field?
  16. Get more people involved. Ask your sales and customer service teams for topic suggestions. Consider hiring a brand journalist. Let your customers tell their stories.

(Evernote users explain how they use Evernote in blog posts and videos on the Noteworthy Blog.)

How to inspire your audience to take action

Of course you can use a blog to build a community, grow brand awareness, and develop thought leadership. But ultimately you’re in business to sell and make a profit.

What can you do to inspire you audience to download, subscribe, and ultimately buy?

Use these 12 tactics to encourage your blog readers to action.

  1. Entertain. Boring people to death doesn’t make them buy your products, does it?
  2. Have a purpose. Create each blog post, video, or podcast with an objective in mind.
  3. Reduce bounce. Remember to guide people to related posts that can help them solve their problems.
  4. Respect your prospects. If they’re not ready to buy, don’t ask for the sale. Instead, get them to join a webinar, download a report, or join a newsletter. Encourage them to comment or read on. Be happy to start the conversation.
  5. Energize. Don’t let your content fizzle out. Inspire with your closing paragraph.
  6. Anticipate objections. And make sure you address them all.
  7. Use the word because. Always present a reason why people should click, subscribe, or buy.
  8. Observe the rule of one. Don’t confuse your audience by being a blabbermouth. Each article should focus on just one big idea.
  9. Destroy clutter. Keep information in your side bar to a minimum.
  10. Have a clear call-to-action. Remember your purpose? Ensure each post, podcast, or video has one key call-to-action.
  11. Be clear. Understand why your audience will click your call-to-action. And explain clearly what they’ll get.
  12. Create urgency. Don’t let your audience get away. Get them to download, sign up, or buy now. Provide a deadline if appropriate.

(The FreshBooks blog has a clear call-to-action to sign-up for their newsletter now.)

The harsh reality of creating a persuasive blog

How can you stand out on the web? Why would people seek out your blog for advice?

It’s hard work to create an enchanting blog that inspires your audience to buy. You have to know your audience better than anyone else.

Appreciate what they’re dreaming of. Know their desires. Understand their fears. Speak their language.

Evaluate what works. And try something different. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Come on. Be creative.

What can you do to enchant and inspire your audience today? Share your ideas in the comments.

**About the Author: Henneke Duistermaat specializes in marketing consumer products. She is on a mission to make boring products exciting, and dull companies charming. Join her email list here or follow her on Twitter.**

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  1. Anthony Pensabene says:

    I noticed Julie Joyce ‘give a shout’ to a reader and their suggestion the other day. That really made an impression upon me. Obviously, Julie reads, minds, and cares about the impressions of readers. It’s one thing to at least recognize those who comment (I see MANY bloggers who don’t on a regular basis). However, to incorporate a reader’s thoughts into a future post is taking engagement a step further. Obviously, you can’t do this with every comment or occasion. And I don’t think it was a ‘strategy.’ Rather, Julie naturally understands the nature of engagement and interaction. Little things make huge impressions.

  2. These are all excellent tips. Instead of using a corporate blog as another sales channel, businesses should use their blogs as a way to give their audience a deeper insight into their personality. Writing as a person, providing insightful content, and perhaps a behind the scenes look at the office help to personify your brand which makes your business more relatable to your audience.

    • Henneke says:

      I agree, Nick. A blog is not just another sales channel.

      That doesn’t mean one shouldn’t think about how a blog can support sales by encouraging people to sign up to a webinar or an e-newsletter – like that big form just above our comments ;-).

  3. Very nicely written. I like #7 and #10 the best, but I think I stink at headlines in general. Also, the selling message… one has to know if they’re selling or not and on at least one of my blogs I’m not really selling anything; actually the one I’m linked to here. That’s where writing passionately and being honest comes in; it’ll help traffic so that when you’re ready to market you’ll at least have a chance to make a positive impression.

    • Henneke says:

      Thanks, Mitch.

      #7 is one of my favorites, too. I think it goes well with #16.

      If you’d like to improve your headlines, then I can highly recommend the report Headline Hacks – click on the link in #8. I consult it each time I’m writing headlines.

  4. Whats up are using WordPress for your blog platform?
    I’m new to the blog world but I’m trying to get started and set up
    my own. Do you require any html coding expertise to make your own blog?
    Any help would be really appreciated!

    • Henneke says:

      HTML knowledge is not essential but it will help.

      And there are plenty of free online guides to WordPress for beginners.

  5. Swamykant says:

    Hi Henneke

    Currently it very difficult stand out on the web. I am sure your tips will surely help me to build an enchanting blog.

    Thanks for sharing the tips.

  6. olá! eu adorei o seu post, e inclusive empreguei os 45 conceitos nos meus blogs já existentes. vamos ver qual vai ser o resultado. sou muito dependente do dinheiro que eles me rendem, por isso toda a ajuda é bem vinda! abraços!

  7. hy man…your post it,s good, thank to share