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BlueGlass Brand Content

The work we do to promote our brand is essentially the same work we do to help our clients achieve results.  In other words, we practice what we preach.

At the core of our internal marketing department is our content team.  We’re dedicated to producing a wide variety of high-value content consistently over time.   These efforts have been at the heart of our success and will continue to play an integral role in our work moving forward.

The Challenge

  • Get exposure for the BlueGlass brand and press related to recent acquisitions
  • Build high quality links naturally, in a future-proof manner
  • Encourage social sharing and interaction with our target audience based around our content

The Solution

  • Created content (2 infographics are highlighted in this study)
  • Promoted the content through social channels
  • Promoted the content via blogger outreach initiatives
  • Built upon success and leveraged exposure to drive leads and improve rankings

The Results

  • Drove thousands of visitors from hundreds of unique domains
  • Built hundreds of links from unique referring domains
  • Increased lead flow significantly
  • Achieved extreme levels of social sharing of content
  • Improved search positioning for several important keywords

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