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Infographic Marketing Results

There’s no denying that infographics are an immensely popular medium. They’re easy to share, visually appealing, and can easily convey a high volume of information quickly in a memorable way (if they are done right). The success of infographics as a tool for driving traffic and building links has made them ubiquitous.

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Goal: Get featured on a top site, drive traffic and increase social engagement.

Result: Featured on Mashable, received high traffic & social sharing volume.

Sometimes it may seem difficult (or even impossible) to create infographic content for certain verticals. Our team specializes in developing infographic concepts that marry popular topics with the niches of our clients. The end goal is to create an infographic that people care about, and which serves the client’s messaging and branding needs.

Goal: Send high volumes of traffic consistently

Result: Received hundreds of thousands of visitors and counting

Our team can often achieve the best results when we have the opportunity to design an editorial calendar and produce a series of infographics (or even a variety of content types). This enables us to be strategic and to build upon the success of previous executions. Our work continues with the Greatist team, and they’ve seen some fantastic results.

Goal: Drive Traffic & Buzz, Build Links.

Result: Received thousands of visitors, massive social engagement, and dozens of links.

Colourlovers is a fantastic brand that highly values great design and has a strong and loyal community following. Our goal for this particular project was to create a piece of content that fit the style standards of a leader like ColourLovers, and that would have a large appeal.

In the end, this infographic was successful because it was visually stimulating with high production value and was filled with lots of interesting or unexpected information. Furthermore, it was valuable to the client not only because of its traction in social media, but also because it was well matched and relevant to the client’s brand.

Goal: Get wide content syndication, traffic and social mentions.

Result: Received pickups on multiple high-value websites, massive traffic & high social engagement.

Our team wanted to create an infographic that would be appealing to a wide variety of large publishers. For many of our clients, the kind of exposure a syndicated infographic can get is extremely valuable. As this particular infographic demonstrated, it’s often possible to get multiple large publications to share a single Infographic, especially if the infographic is newsworthy or relevant to stories currently in the news cycle.