Dennis Goedegebuure

Dennis is the head for Global SEO at Airbnb. Prior to Airbnb, Dennis was with Geeknet for little over a year, where he doubled the SEO traffic for sites like Slashdot & SourceForge. Prior to Geeknet, Dennis was at eBay for 9+ years in various roles on the Internet Marketing team, last as Director Global SEO. He started his eBay career in The Netherlands office, working for both eBay and Marktplaats, which is their local classifieds site.

After 3.5 years, eBay transferred Dennis over to the U.S. San Jose office to take on a global coordination role in Internet Marketing, with the emphasis on SEO. In this role, he not only worked for the eBay websites, but also consulted for Paypal, Skype, Shopping.com, StumbleUpon, and the classifieds portfolio. For the last three years, Dennis has been responsible for all SEO for the 22 global eBay marketplaces sites.

The team managed by Dennis was primarily focused on the delivery of the SEO strategy, consulting with product teams on projects, training of the product & engineering teams, and custom content. You can learn more about eBay's approach to enterprise level ecommerce SEO in this excellent interview by Aaron Wall.