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Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.

Benjamin Franklin

Francisco Rendon

As the Junior Outreach Specialist for BlueGlass, Francisco collaborates with other members of the outreach team to ensure that the content we create receives optimal placement in various online publications. He also aids clients in streamlining their brand and initiatives through the promotion of content produced at BlueGlass.

Prior to joining his fellow BlueGlassers, Francisco worked for a non-profit organization where he fought to address the needs of the under-served indigenous population of Latin America in efforts to improve overall quality of life. He has also worked at a Florida state communication headquarters, where he demonstrated his expertise in cost-efficient use of integrated communications planning, media relations, and social media management. Francisco has earned experience at a local marketing agency where he worked closely with key local and national media and assisted in the planning and execution of special events and press familiarization trips.

Francisco earned an AA in communications from the University of Delaware and, after relocating to Tampa, a BA in mass communications from the University of South Florida. He has a passion for international travel and has visited over 13 countries thus far, for both leisure and volunteering opportunities. Francisco is just beginning his journey at BlueGlass, and eagerly anticipates being a part of something great by contributing to client successes.