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It is not your aptitude, but your attitude, that determines your altitude.

Zig Ziglar

Mary Baum

As Business Development & Event Coordinator, Mary is responsible for the first step in the business development process, including contacting potential clients and assisting the VP of Business Development. She is also responsible for the successful planning and execution of all the company's conferences and internal events.

Prior to joining the BlueGlass team, Mary worked on program execution and business process transformation in the client operations department of Catalina Marketing. Before her 18 months with that company, she got a jump-start in the industry while in college by being involved with field marketing at Tijuana Flats.

Mary received a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Central Florida. She wants to learn as much as possible in her professional life. Her goal is to soak up all the information she can and never miss out on an opportunity.

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