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Design is creativity with strategy.

Rob Curedale

Patrick Winfield

As Creative Director, Patrick is responsible for making sure that every creative piece that comes out of BlueGlass looks amazing. He handles branding for our clients as well as UI design, website front-end aesthetics, blog graphics, infographics, presentation marketing material, and motion design for video.

Prior to working with BlueGlass, Patrick held the position of Lead Graphic Designer for New York-based agency 10e20. Before 10e20, Patrick worked for a website design company SpiderFuel, Inc. as a Web Designer. His artwork has been featured in numerous publications, and he has shown internationally in group and solo exhibitions. In 2010, Patrick put out two limited-edition canvass prints collaborating with Urban Outfitters.

Patrick studied traditional animation and graphic design at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, as well as new media and photography at the City College of New York. His goal is to make the visual representation of an idea or message come across in the most clear, efficient, and effective way possible.

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