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Richard Zwicky

As CEO, Richard is responsible for the company’s overall strategy; management mentoring and oversight; and overseeing the growth of the BlueGlass corporation via organic growth and M&A activity.

Richard is an entrepreneur who has successfully built enterprises in the retail, technology and online marketing spaces. After building a small chain of retail stores, he founded Metamend, an online marketing agency, where he dealt with issues covering all areas of search marketing. It was in dealing with so many aspects of online marketing that he developed the need for an entirely new class of web analytics: search analytics, or specifically analytics for search marketers. In 2006, he founded the award-winning analytics firm Enquisite, now known as Eightfold Logic. In the course of the next four years, he assembled a team to build the technology and recruited very experienced executives to make the company as successful as possible. The company raised almost $18MM in venture capital and established a global client base.

With 20 years of executive experience, Richard’s passion is driving innovation and building great teams. He has an in-depth understanding of business, technology, and innovation, and he’s also devised original concepts and processes around which he’s built businesses.

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